Buying Auckland Firewood?

All enquiries, orders and sack refunds, please contact Chris

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Mb: 021 661 932

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Yard Hours

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  • sat 11am till 4pm
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  • or A/Hrs pick ups call or text 021 661932
  • 259 Great North Road Grey Lynn
  • opposite the new Bunnings

Winter Early Bird Offer

Buy 10 bags of Gum and receive a bonus bag of Gum

That’s 11 bags of Gum for only $170.

This offer applies to pick ups from our Grey Lynn yard.

Auckland Firewood Suppliers

Auckland Firewood Suppliers

Premium Bagged Dry Firewood & Kindling Seasoned firewood for open fires, log burners & pizza ovens

We sell bagged dry firewood and kindling from our central Auckland firewood yard. All our firewood carries a ready-to-burn, dry firewood guarantee.

Slow-burning hardwoods

Auckland Firewood

We only sell slow-burning hardwoods, ideal for general heating, cooking and smoking. Our minimum standard of firewood is Gum or She-oak. Kindling comes in handy bundles or sacks. Bagged firewood is more expensive than bulk wood.

Sacks of split firewood best suit people who want:

  • quantities of firewood for shorter periods
  • guaranteed dry, slow-burning firewood logs
  • conveniently bagged firewood that needs little storage space
  • specialist woods for wood-fired cooking, smoking and curing, and home enjoyment

Visit our Grey Lynn yard today & discuss your firewood requirements with knowledgeable & friendly staff.


All our firewood is sold in 50 x 83cm hessian sacks.

Bags range in weight from approximately 13-20kg, depending on the type of wood.

Cosy cloth sacks are refundable at 50 cents each.

Check our Firewood Prices for our full winter firewoods list.