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Auckland Firewood

We only sell bagged firewood and kindling collected from our Grey Lynn yard. We don’t deliver firewood or sell cubic metres of loose firewood.

Auckland Firewood, 259 Great North Road, Grey Lynn

259 Great North Road, Grey Lynn (close to Bond St intersection)

Pizza Oven Firewood

Al Forno Wood Oven With Food

Pizza oven interest throughout New Zealand is on the rise. In Auckland, outdoor pizza ovens are extremely popular for summer cooking, entertainment, and all-round ambience.

Auckland Firewood stocks firewood that is specifically suited for specialty cooking purposes, including pizza ovens.

Our range of firewood for cooking includes: Ti-tree / Manuka, Pohutukawa, Puriri, English Oak and Fruitwoods, all ideal for wood fired pizza oven use. These dense hardwoods burn slowly, producing the hot coals that make them perfect for Pizza Ovens.

Tuscan Sydney

We always have stocks of seasoned Ti-tree (Tea tree) available, as Manuka is our customers' most popular choice of firewood to use in the Pizza oven. Our friends at (Wood Fired Pizza Ovens) use Auckland Firewood Ti-tree / Manuka in their large, commercial wood fired pizza oven.

Fired Wood Fired Ovens are the New Zealand agents for Al Forno wood ovens. Their imported Al Forno pizza ovens have been manufactured in Italy for over 50 years by three generations of the same family.

Al Forno Wood Ovens

The Al Forno range of pizza ovens for sale operate at extremely high temperatures and are made from kiln fired refractory components, offering immense ongoing cooking heat. An Al Forno wood fired pizza oven will cook a pizza in approximately 3 minutes!

The Al Forno Tuscan Oven can now be viewed at our Grey Lynn firewood yard. Ask our staff about the next scheduled wood fired pizza oven demonstration day.

Renowned chef Jimmy Macken, owner of Jervois Road café and delicatessen 5 Loaves & 2 Fish, uses our Pohutukawa in his Pizza Oven. Jimmy describes the wood as having a sweet aromatic quality.

Auckland Firewood Burning Inside A Pizza Oven

"I like to experiment with aromatic firewood that gives an interesting flavour."
Jimmy Macken, Taste Magazine

Jimmy loves the jaw-dropping reaction he gets from dinner guests when he tells them that he's burning Pohutukawa in his pizza oven. But after shocking his guests, Jimmy explains all firewood purchased from Auckland Firewood is sourced from permitted arboricultural works.

Puriri is our hottest-burning firewood, and will assist in some home-built, experimental pizza oven design, that may struggle to reach a desirable hot cooking temperature. Generally, Puriri burns too hot for pizza ovens that are built from a proven pizza oven design, and is more suited for the BBQ or Braai.

Our selection of Fruitwoods includes Pear, Plum and Apple, all noted for their aromatic qualities and ideal for use in the pizza oven.

Visit our Grey Lynn yard - or email us with your pizza oven firewood requirements, or for further information on pizza ovens for sale go to Fired Pizza Ovens.


All our firewood is sold in 50 x 83cm hessian sacks.

Bags range in weight from approximately 13-20kg, depending on the type of wood.

Cosy cloth sacks are refundable at 50 cents each.

Check our Firewood Prices for our full winter firewoods list.