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Auckland Firewood

We only sell bagged firewood and kindling collected from our Grey Lynn yard. We don’t deliver firewood or sell cubic metres of loose firewood.

Auckland Firewood, 259 Great North Road, Grey Lynn

259 Great North Road, Grey Lynn (close to Bond St intersection)

Dry Firewood Prices

Cosy Blend Auckland Firewood

Gum Blend $17

Our most popular and cost-effective firewood, the Gum Blend provides slow burning heat, ideal for log burners and open fires.

The Gum Blend is bagged on a base of Gum (Eucalyptus), with small quantities of She-oak (Casuarina) and other hardwoods seasonally added.

Our Eucalyptus varies from Southern Mahogany to Blue Gum and Black-butt. Eucalyptus is highly regarded as firewood, because most species remain dense and heavy when dry.

Auckland Firewood acquires Gum logs that are not suitable for milling, largely sourced from rural shelterbelts or woodlots.

Arborist Mix $19

Arborist Firewood Mix

With its combination of split dry firewood and slow burning logs, the Arborist Mix has become a favourite with many of our regular customers.

The Arborist Mix is bagged on a base of She-oak (Casuarina) and/or Wattle (Acacia), with added hardwoods and semi-hardwoods selected from permitted tree works across Auckland.

Ideally suited to open fires, this low/non-spit hardwood and semi-hardwood mix is a great alternative to Ti-tree.

It is important to note that no single bag of firewood can be guaranteed not to contain a piece or pieces of firewood that spit.

Boom-sticks $15

Boom Sticks Firewood

An easy-to-light mix of semi-hardwoods split down to a small, convenient size for quick ignition!

Sized in between kindling and split firewood logs, Boom-sticks are a popular option with customers who have some difficulty lighting their fire.

Super Light $15

Super Light Firewood

Containing only the lightest and fastest-burning firewoods, Super Light is our only alternative to Pine.

Graded on weight, Super Light can assist customers who are trying to ignite their existing stores of stubborn firewood.

Ti-tree $25 SOLD OUT

Ti-tree Bagged Auckland Firewood

Ti-tree or Tea-tree is the sentimental favourite and most trusted firewood among New Zealanders.

Our Ti-tree is mix of Manuka (Leptospermum scoparium) and Kanuka (Kunzea ericoides), sourced from permitted tree work – and dried for a minimum period of two years!

Slow-growing Manuka and Kanuka burns extremely hot and is often used for cooking in pizza ovens, barbeques, braai and hangi, or for smoking.

Totara $22

Totara Bagged Auckland Firewood

Totara burns ferociously and produces a generous flame. As firewood, it’s a favourite of New Zealand bushmen and farmers who value its quick ignition and rapid heating properties.

We have a very limited supply of Totara, sourced from consented Auckland tree works.

Fruit Wood $25

Fruit Tree Bagged Auckland Firewood

Pear, Apple and Plum, our fruitwood stocks will vary according to availability. Most fruitwoods are lighter woods and used for flavour, rather than for heat.

Renowned for their aromatic qualities, fruitwoods are suited to smoking most cuts of meat – particularly for long-smoking white meats, such as pork, chicken or fish.

Pohutukawa $25

Pohutukawa Auckland Firewood

Pohutukawa is very popular with the firewood connoisseur, adding an authentic kiwi flavour to wood ovens, barbeques and smoking.

Our Pohutukawa has been sourced from consented tree removals and pruning work – and seasoned for over two years!

Puriri $25

Puriri Auckland Firewood

Our densest and hottest-burning firewood, Puriri is most suited to the barbeque and braai.

We have a very limited stock of Puriri that is often only available in summer.

Kindling $9

Kindling Auckland Firewood

Tinder dry kindling, machined from straight-grained timber.

Recommended for lighting any type of fire, Auckland Firewood kindling is sold in convenient onion bags – with a size approximately equivalent to a standard kindling box.

Visit our Grey Lynn yard today & discuss your firewood requirements with knowledgeable & friendly staff.


All our firewood is sold in 50 x 83cm hessian sacks.

Bags range in weight from approximately 13-20kg, depending on the type of wood.

Cosy cloth sacks are refundable at 50 cents each.

Check our Firewood Prices for our full winter firewoods list.