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Quality imported BBQ charcoal made from sustainably grown hardwood.

10kg Lump Wood Bag $42
2 x 10kg Lump Wood Bags $78
10kg Compressed Charcoal logs $43
2 x 10kg Compressed Charcoal logs $80
Hospitality P.O.A

With the popularity of barbeques and Weber charcoal grills continuing to rise across Auckland, we are now stocking top quality, easily portable, Commodities lump charcoal. Our real wood charcoal is restaurant grade, burning extremely hot and very slowly.


Customers throughout Auckland are cooking with our very best BBQ charcoal on Weber Grill, Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe, and other types of barbeques and charcoal cooking appliances.

Cooking with charcoal

Cooking on a charcoal BBQ is preferable to grilling on gas appliances. The smoky flavours that infuse wood charcoal cooked foods are favoured by restaurants, connoisseurs and accomplished home chefs.


Our natural lump wood charcoal is made from Indonesian Laban trees (Vitex sp). Growing woodlot trees as a charcoal production crop provides much needed income for small villages, also helping to control invasive weeds and wildfires.

Auckland Firewood also stocks Commodities compressed charcoal logs. The compressed charcoal log has a burn time of approximately 4-6 hours and produces an even temperature up to 250 degrees Celsius. This high quality charcoal briquette is cleaner burning than inferior cheaper logs, producing less ash and has a significantly longer burn time. The compressed log is one of the most common charcoal products in NZ restaurants particularly Tandoori Ovens.


Auckland Firewood is the main supplier for Commodities charcoal smoking and BBQ products for the Auckland area.