Auckland Firewood

Dry Firewood Bag Prices

Firewood for Heating

dry gum firewood

Gum $18.50

Our most popular and cost-effective firewood. Gum (Eucalyptus) provides slow burning heat, ideal for log burners and open fires.

Our Eucalyptus varies from Southern Mahogany to Blue Gum and Black-butt. Eucalyptus is highly regarded as firewood remaining dense and heavy when dry.

Auckland Firewood acquires Gum logs that are not suitable for milling, largely sourced from rural shelterbelts or woodlots.

arborist mix

Arborist Mix $22

With its combination of split dry firewood and slow burning logs, the Arborist Mix has become a favourite with many of our regular customers.

The Arborist Mix is bagged on a base of She-oak (Casuarina) and/or Wattle (Acacia), with added hardwoods and semi-hardwoods selected from permitted tree works across Auckland.

Ideally suited to open fires, this low/non-spit hardwood and semi-hardwood mix is an alternative to Ti-tree.

It is important to note that no single bag of firewood can be guaranteed not to contain a piece or pieces of firewood that spit.


Boom-sticks $18

An easy-to-light mix of semi-hardwoods split down to a small, convenient size for quick ignition!

Sized in between kindling and split firewood logs, Boom-sticks are a popular option with customers who have some difficulty lighting their fire.

Super Light

Super Light $18

The lightest firewood we stock, making it quick and easy to burn. Suitable for beginners that are not confident lighting a fire. Some modern log burners recommend not using hardwood.

Super light could compare to “Mac” Cupressus macrocarpa which is a popular soft wood around Auckland.


Kindling $12.50

Premium dry kindling, naturally split from Totora clears.

A special kindling product sourced sustainably, perfect for lighting any fire; sold in a standard supermarket bag.

Ezlite Fire Starters

Ezilite Fire Starters $6

Non toxic, compressed wood product

Makes lighting any fire easy. 32 fire starters per pack.

Firewood for Cooking

manuka dry firewood

T̶i̶-̶t̶r̶e̶e̶ Black Wattle $25

Ti-tree is becoming more expensive and difficult to source. We sell Ti-tree most of the year with the exception of peak winter months, as we hate to see it burnt for heating when there are many good alternatives.

We have lots of extremely hot alternatives that are suitable for general heating and will power any wood oven or grill. This limited release of Black Wattle is a suitable alternative for any cooking application. It has been drying for three years and is very dense and burns super hot!

dry pear firewood

Fruit Wood 13kg* $25

Bags of either Pear, Apple or Plum, our fruitwood stocks will vary according to availability. Most fruitwoods are lighter woods and used for flavour, rather than for heat.

Renowned for their aromatic qualities, fruitwoods are suited to smoking most cuts of meat – particularly for long-smoking beef, pork, chicken or fish.

dry pohutukawa firewood

Pohutukawa 15kg* $25

Our bags of Pohutukawa are very popular with the firewood connoisseur, adding an authentic kiwi flavour to wood ovens, barbeques and smoking.

Our Pohutukawa has been sourced from consented tree removals and pruning work – and seasoned for over two years!

dry puriri firewood

Puriri $27

Our densest and hottest-burning firewood, Puriri is most suited to the barbeque and braai.

We have a very limited stock of Puriri that is often only available in summer.

American White Oak

American White Oak $12

Imported kiln dried machined wood in a red mesh onion bag - woodworking offcuts.

The most commonly used firewood by American Pit-masters. Significantly superior for slow cooking than NZ grown Oak.

All our firewood is sold in 48cm x 78cm hessian sacks.

* This is an approximate weight, bags will vary plus or minus 1-2kg.